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How to Order from Pepsi?

When using the Pepsi Account for Heritage Hills Schools,you must use a purchase order number that corresponds to your HHaccount information.   Please contact the Bookkeeper for accountinformation

How to make deposits?

All deposits must be accompanied by a Deposit form and bebrought to the Bookkeepers office.  Deposit forms can be obtainedfrom the wall outside the Bookkeepers Office or on the HHHS or HHMSwebsite.  To obtain from website, go to the Faculty Directory orFaculty List and click on the word treasurer.  Electronic forms havetwo options, one is blank and the other will automatically add yourchecks and totals of deposits. For proper use, you would want to make acopy for your own records.

How do I pay an Invoice or request a check?   

To request a check or pay an invoice you must fill out aCheck Request.  These can be obtained from the wall outside theBookkeepers Office or on the HHHS or HHMS website.  To obtain fromwebsite, go to the Faculty Directory or Faculty List and click on theword treasurer.  Electronic forms have two options, one is blank andthe other will automatically add the pricing on your check request andtotal the entire order.  For proper use, you would want to make a copyfor your own records.
How do I obtain starting cash?

To obtain starting cash, you will use a check request made out toHHHS or HHMS.  The check request should indicate the total amountneeded and be broken down by money denomination.  You will also need tobe sure to deposit the initial starting cash as a separate depositfrom any profits.  For proper use, you would want to make a copy ofboth the check request and the deposit form for your records.

How do I get a Credit Card?

All credit cards, both VISA and Wal-Mart are available inthe Bookkeepers office and are to be signed out and returned within a24 hour time period.  All receipts for purchases should accompany thereturned card.   If that is not possible, special authorization must begiven.

All Charges are to be tax exempt!!!

We are NOT to pay any tax on any items. We have taxexempt ID cards for Walmart, Sams, Dollar General, Best Buy, HobbyLobby, GFS, Amazon, and Staples. These can be obtained from thebookeeper.

A tax exempt form may be provided if needed. These are in the bookeeper's office.

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